About me

I am Vaishali Prasad, a Humanities student at IIT Madras. I'm also a feminist, left hander, cusp and metal head, though I'm pretty sure I'd put none of the above in my resume, if I have one.

I love : (a) Bullet points (b) Scented candles (c) Stationery (d) Stubbled guys in kurtas (d) Amitav Ghosh (e) Vikram Seth (f) German literature among the many others I cannot recollect right now.

I hate : (a) Maternal insults (b) Authority and being bossed around (c) Being pushed or forced to do anything (d) sports and travel (e) black mugs and (f) anything orange flavoured.

I used to despise chewing gum, and then I met lemon flavoured gum.
I generally tend to jump into arguments, only to withdraw in the middle. I hate arguing.

I am a contradiction of sorts, maybe because I'm a Taurean-Gemini cusp. And yes, I love astrology.

When I'm bored, I divide five digit numbers by 9 in my head, because I like the number 9.

And when I'm nervous, I multiply numbers by 9 and then divide them.

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Anonymous said...

Taurean-Gemini cusp~! :D

I prefer dividing by 6..such an even, peaceful number. <3