Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Book At A Time

I have made a new resolution and that is to finish every book I read , before moving on to the next one.
I know it sound silly , but I then realised that I have far too many books which are half read or even worse , meant to be half read , which means that I bought them from Landmark with utmost enthusiasm , came back home , read the blurb , put the book in a safe place to read in peace later on , and then promptly forgot to (read - motorcycle diaries) (yes , yes , pun intended :P )
So , my resolution is this. Basically , I start a book , I finish it. One at a time. All in good time. No sticking your finger in too many pies , Vaishali. (PS - I rock at that) (PS 2- Is it "Sticking your finger in too many pies or into many pies"?) (PS 3 - No , I do not mean the computer game :P )
So what better time is there to begin a new idea than now and I decided to start off with (I need applause here...) My Experiments with truth. By Gandhi. And then , The Hungry Tide. By Amitav Ghosh. And then Three Men in a Boat. And then...I haven't decided.
So anyway , I have finished My Experiments with Truth , all four hundred pages of it , and now have started with The Hungry Tide. And I'm itching to quit it and get back to Roald Dahl (Kiss Kiss , Switch Bitch...) , but no.. One Book At A Time!
And I hope to finish Motorcyle Diaries soon!
PS - The Movie (Diaros en Motorcycleta something :|) is a must watch! But you'd need subtitles. :)