Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Book At A Time

I have made a new resolution and that is to finish every book I read , before moving on to the next one.
I know it sound silly , but I then realised that I have far too many books which are half read or even worse , meant to be half read , which means that I bought them from Landmark with utmost enthusiasm , came back home , read the blurb , put the book in a safe place to read in peace later on , and then promptly forgot to (read - motorcycle diaries) (yes , yes , pun intended :P )
So , my resolution is this. Basically , I start a book , I finish it. One at a time. All in good time. No sticking your finger in too many pies , Vaishali. (PS - I rock at that) (PS 2- Is it "Sticking your finger in too many pies or into many pies"?) (PS 3 - No , I do not mean the computer game :P )
So what better time is there to begin a new idea than now and I decided to start off with (I need applause here...) My Experiments with truth. By Gandhi. And then , The Hungry Tide. By Amitav Ghosh. And then Three Men in a Boat. And then...I haven't decided.
So anyway , I have finished My Experiments with Truth , all four hundred pages of it , and now have started with The Hungry Tide. And I'm itching to quit it and get back to Roald Dahl (Kiss Kiss , Switch Bitch...) , but no.. One Book At A Time!
And I hope to finish Motorcyle Diaries soon!
PS - The Movie (Diaros en Motorcycleta something :|) is a must watch! But you'd need subtitles. :)


Prathima said...

What's Motorcycle diaries about? Sounds... interesting. :)

kaddu said...

Lol!! The dilemma every reader faces :) . There are so many books to read, it's hard to focus on just one book...
Nice post!!
All the Best!! Keep blogging!! Few people manage to keep their blog going in 12th...awesome to see you blogging!!

vaishali said...

@prathima - it's a book which chronicles che guevera's adventures across south america and is actually pretty interesting :-)
@kaddu - true...thanks! i dont blog that frequently , so im not exactly active here. but thanks anyway! :P

ZARDY said...

I have the same problem. I've left many books half read. I've dragged some books for almost a year and then... gave up.

Surreptitious Shogun said...

Why must we stick our fingers into many pies or in too many pies when we can just stick our fingers in many pies?