Thursday, October 6, 2011

Demonic Resurrection

The demons of the world
the netherworld, the toxic skies
the demons lurking in my
dusty, bitter
and belligerent
are nothing
compared to
the ones in my head.

They flay their
angry arms
and ask
too many questions
they fill my head
with caustic bubbles
of futility
much like an empty stomach
at three AM
in the morning

they wail
they scream
they destroy
and demolish
and finally
rumble silently
in vain.


Living Jestfully said...
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Living Jestfully said...

Beautiful images.
Strong and hard-hitting poem.
Girl! Do more of poetry, you are good! :-)

But you do know how to kill these demons, right? They live in your head, they will die as your thoughts of them die. Stop thinking of them, and they are vanquished.

Vaishali said...

:) Thank you!
You are right, well said. And I wrote this in a period of despair (what is it about melancholy and poetry?!)
But I'm better now. The demons die a slow death!

Zardy said...

Nice! May your demons be exorcised :)

Short Poems said...

This is beautifully written, love it!

Vaishali said...

Thank you :)