Saturday, April 4, 2009

Satriani , names that roll and big words.

I'm listening to Satch boogie , by Joe Satriani.

I love the way it begins - jazzy and full of energy , if I may say so. Spirited and lovable. But after a while , it seems like a disorganised array of many tunes , so I move on to Always with me , Always with you.

This is a classic song. I love the way it begins , the way , it moves up , from low to high , the cheerfulness of it all. It's a very cheerful song , tune rather. And with amazing guitar. I love Joe Satriani. I think he's an amazing guitarist. Even better than Steve Vai , who's kind of my namesake. I like how all Satriani's songs are so...joyous. 'Summer song' couldn't have a better name.

Is it just me , or does the beginning of 'No One Like You' (Scorpions)  sound like a Joe Satriani/Steve Vai piece (I wouldnt know whether it is Yngwie Malmsteen's , for I haven't heard any of his songs. And even if I have , I wouldn't remember) to you too? Probably , it's just my imagination. Or maybe , a guitar riff/chord is the same. I wouldn't know. I don't play the guitar. 

I admire people who play the guitar. Or any instrument for that matter. I think it's an achievement to create music. Pluck the right chords. Not sound awful. And concentrate and keep in tune.

I love the names of the classic guitarists - Joe Satriani , Steve Vai , Yngwie Malmsteen , Lynyrd Skynyrd. I love the way it rolls out of your tongue! It makes for a very satisfactory pronounciation. That's another word I like. Pro-nun-see-ay-shun. And dee-nun-see-ay-shun. I love that word too. I think it is pul-chri-tu-di-nous. There , I said it!

I like using big words. Sometimes I don't know what they mean , but I still like using them. Which is not a very good thing to do. It is viperous (Thank you , Thesaurus!). And can make you look foolish. Not to mention , a Rodomontade. Gasconade! Fanfaronade! Gatorade! Lemonade! 

Not the last two. I'm just bored. And jobless. :D .Which is why I created this blog. Welcome to my blog!


Prathima said...

i loved that blog!i don't know any of those guitarists, but i agree with the way you see music. creating music is a miricle. i like the guitar too, except i think maybe they're a little overrated. i think i'm going to follow this blog avidly. tis interesting!

susan harris said...

It's better than the last one, but I see that you've still got the 'photos'. *sigh*, for such a blog, you have got to keep his pictures??

Could have started with something less scholarly though! I mean, I know Handel and Holst but what are these? Guitarists? Oh, okay.

vaishali said...

@prathima - thank you!
@susan - I always shall love Abhishek Bachchan.And you know that! :)
Handel and Holst? What's with you and classical music?!

kaddu said...

hey!! nice blog!! :D awesome post!!
I hardly listen to music...but i'm going to write these names down and listen to them...and then learn to pronounce their names... ;)

vaishali said...

@kaddu- thanks a lot! :D

ZARDY said...

Hi Vaish! This is a very en·ter·pris·ing and ec·cen·tric blog. Do keep it going. Stay motivated. I am following this blog and will try to leave you my comments after each post. Ad astra...Deus vult!

vaishali said...

@zardy - thanks a lot!! :P