Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun signs and the human personality...

I believe in Zodiac Signs a lot.  Linda Goodman, Rick Levine (, Bejan Daruwalla... 

Linda Goodman , especially. I'm one of those who invest in every single book by Linda Goodman, or spend hours poring over them in the Astrology section of Landmark. Sun Signs , star signs, relationship,'s all about the sun and the stars for me... :)

Much to the chagrin of some of my friends  who believe it's all hogwash, or an all too convenient set of words to describe a person. The major arguments I've heard, is that it's general. It isn't always true. Why, I'm a Leo and I'm supposed to be vibrant and talkative, but I'm not! I'm quiet, shy and I hate being the centre of attention! How would you explain that?

I wouldn't. I agree that sun signs aren't always accurate and horoscopes can never map your future the way it will be, but I do believe in sun signs. For it has worked for me, in analysing people. Probably , accepting people as they are. And I believe that if you allow for a little bit of deviation, sun signs could work for you. You needn't necessarily swear by them, but maybe  if you don't disregard them, you could be exposed to a lot more insights into a person's character than you can ever imagine. Or maybe , you could just be imagining either ways :) But that's what I believe in , and you needn't necessarily subscribe to it.. :)

My personal favourites include Cancer , Virgo , Pisces , Libra , Capricorn , Taurus (:D) and Scorpio. But I have friends of (almost) all sun signs and I find something interesting about each friend which probably corresponds to his/her sun sign. Like one's creative and stubborn..she's the Aquarius. Another one is a Cancer , moody , secretive and possessive. Yet another is a little too obsessed with discipline , a Virgo for sure. The jealous , possessive ,  the altogether intense Scorpio. The centre of attention , never short of words Leo. And the indecisive ,friendly Libra. (I haven't figured out the noun forms yet , as you can see. English grammar has never been my strong point!)

Maybe I'm just generalising. I do not claim to know all about astrology, if anything, I'm an amateur; but I believe that there's some element of truth in it. Sometimes , maybe a little too obvious , sometimes not. And again , it depends on what time the person was born , the position of the planets and all that. Astrology is a complicated science , mathematics even (pun intended!). 

Another science which interests me is Tarot. I'm planning to get myself a Tarot book and try to learn something about it. Let's see how it turns out!


Prathima said...

Very nice! I'm pretty sure I was that aquarius you were talking about. If so, thanks for calling me creative and stubborn. Yes, I think stubborn is a complement. I personally don't believe in horoscopes. I think they're entertaining, and I think this blog is entertaining too!

ZARDY said...

I don't believe in astrology. But I fnd horoscopes interesting. I should discuss them with you sometime. I might leanr a lot. CAn't bother reading books at the moment. And I think I agree with the Librian being indecisive part.

vaishali said...

@prath - I think stubborn's a compliment too. It means you're decisive , level headed and clear about what you want :)

@zardy- hmm. you're the typical libra though! do you have dimples? :)

Shweta said...

Hey Vai, nice post :) Horoscopes are fun!
Yes, I do agree with some of the things you said about Scorpios... Or at least i felt like I was reading about myself... And, I was able to guess who you were talking about, so that was fun :D

susan harris said...

Well, since other comments mostly show gratitude for their good qualities that you espoused, I am sorry I feel none! A scorpio, I am sure has many good qualities, more than the ones you described. :D

vaishali said...

@shweta , susan - Scorpios...are intense , jealous and possessive people. Which are good qualities! Like moody for example.Well atleast , I like intense , jealous and possessive people.
Okay fine , since you so insist :D :
Scorpios - "Good qualities" :
Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate
Exciting and magnetic